Production 2 – Final Project – Perspective

The video below is a project that deals with my enjoyment of thinking technically about how I will transition my footage from one scene to the next. I tend to also think about transitions or camera movements that my peers have not yet tried for themselves or even I haven’t seen. This is an experimental piece with all my practices tried through it.

The technical aspects used were:

  • invisible cuts
    • done through going to black items or light
  • whip cuts
    • cutting on the blur of a screen action
  • Match Cuts
    • linking motion or elements of a scene for a faster transition through space and time

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Motion Graphics – Final – Procrastination

The concept of this piece is to establish a feeling of how procrastination is to many people. Time starts out slow and increasingly speeds up. More and more times passes and before anyone can realize time stops and time has run out.

The overlapping of clock ticks is to try and overwhelm the viewers auditory sense and make it seem as if time will never stop. Once they are granted peace however, is the final moments when there is no control over time and what you are left with is what you’ve did or did not accomplish.

Having time as a cyclical instrument as well was symbolizing how we interpret time ourselves. However some clocks deviate from this circular motion and become more elliptical stretching other moments of its rotation instead of being equal. This is another element that I used to try and portray how  a person who is procrastinating views their time. Some moments move in a steady fashion as if never ending, then there is a jump forward in time that the feeling of how much time has passed does not feel equal in distance.

Motion Graphics – Audio Visualization

This assignment was an investigation into the integration of sound and motion  graphics. Establishing variations into how to conceptualize sound through color, basic shapes, texture, and motion. We had to create a visual interpretation of our selected sound piece using our own library of shapes, color systems, textures as well as motion and transitions. Continue reading “Motion Graphics – Audio Visualization”

Motion Graphics – Micro Assignment – Word Conceptualization

In class, we were assigned 4 words and had to select a partner to collaborate with. Using motion graphics techniques we had to animate these following words:

  • Radiation
  • Program
  • Swirl
  • Open

I took These two words; Open and Program and these are what I came up with. My partner Austin Clay took the other two words; Swirl and Radiation.

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ABC’s of Monsters – Info Graphic – Motion Graphics

This project was a partner assignment that required us to research a topic and create an info graphic from what we researched and what we wanted to say about it. For our topic we chose Monsters and we took inspiration from cartoons, mythologies, movies, and even some fan made lore. We were inspired to do the ABC’s of Monsters from the “ABC’s of Architecture” posted on Vimeo by fedepeye. Continue reading “ABC’s of Monsters – Info Graphic – Motion Graphics”