Quick Collection Animations

For this class assignment we 40 minutes to go outside and collect random objects to make quick short animations using at least 20 items. Then create a quick sequence of images that were smallest to largest, lightest to darkest, and then create an association between the objects.

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Silent Noise Surreality

This visual piece is based off my understanding of two of the six visual trends; surreality and silent vs. noise. Through silent vs. noise I wanted to play with the illusion of being consolidated in a singular room where noise didn’t happen as it should where sounds that are usually more unheard or unseen are most prevalent and heard. While surreality played part in the tonal contrast and visual effects.

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Visual Instrument

This is a recording of my visual instrument made using Max 7, a fairly weird program for me. I did documentation of this performance for our class for this project with a partner and after handing out everyone else’s video files, forgot to extract mine and ended up formatting the SD card deleting it permanently. However, the recording I have is from a blurry camera recording from the other persons camera.

Here is what my Max file looked like.

Max Project Window