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Proboscis Monkey Orchid

For this assignment the required task was to create and animate a character that was a combination of two random draws from a bag and I got Proboscis Monkey and an Orchid flower.

I only went through a small sketching process because I was pleased with the combination and exaggeration I implemented when creating the design of my Monkey. In every image of a proboscis monkey they all had awkward noses, so I decided to make that a main feature for appeal of my character. Then I chose to not only make the color scheme fill my character but also made the petals and bulb of the flower his entire body chemistry and make-up. Continue reading

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Old Man Jig

This assignment required for the class to create individual animations that were dynamic. The character we animated had to be going through extreme movements and have a fluid motion and believable actions with possibly exaggeration.

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Site Revision – Peer Critique

Peer Critique:

Critique from my peers were mostly the same. What they said I did well was establishing a get in your face action feel, which is what I wanted since I went for a militaristic yet marketable approach. I had a clear text hierarchy and it was easy to read for the most part. I got a few responses saying it felt high tech, which isn’t bad because this site you be used to get you ahead of the game if the user is already adept in it, or to quickly bring you up to speed.

The non-compliments were that my choice to have a button text feel on my images for gear felt intrusive to my image blocks and that the text even though already used once on the page, felt as though it didn’t belong. There were conflicting views of how cramped the webpages were since the gallery views and article views had no real spacing in between each other’s <div> and also the scale at which they were presented.

link to website:

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Site Revision – Coding

I went for a militaristic feel more than family friendly. The color scheme for this re-design is mainly in the dark tones, sticking to gray, black, and a dark green allowing for the limited white text to pop out but not impairing the audience scrubbing through.

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Here is the link to my final rendition of the website re-design and these screenshots. Continue reading

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Site Revision AdobeXD

Here is a very rough take on what I might have done if I was developing this website and its page.

This is what came about my redesign after first peer-critique Continue reading

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Site Revision

This project is to re-design/brand an already existing site in a possible more elegant way. For this project I have chosen a paintball site that could use a little touching up.

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Continue reading

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