WebDesign – Yarn Store

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 10.04.48 AMThis project was to code a single website and make fit the targeted audience and be scaled down from desktop to mobile size, create a logo, and use one of 5 randomly generated colors from: Random Hex Color Gen as a starting color and then we could work around that. Once again using Lorem Ipsum as space filling text. Continue reading

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Facial Expressions

This assignment deals with using a model to try and show the extreme and subtle expressions of the main emotions:

fear, anger, disgust, sadness, joy, and surprise


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Coded – Lorem Ipsum – Web Design

navigationbarThis is the final rendition of my prototype for the web page in Adobe XD. I learned how to create a navigation bar, create new states for buttons that when hovered over can alter or after clicking, the element then changes.

https://artblockgonzalez.000webhostapp.com/assignment%202/index.html Continue reading

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Stylized web page – Prototype

Web design – interactive design Prototype

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 8.23.43 PM copy

Using my own artworks as a base from a previous post, etc., I styled this new webpage so that it had its own feel to it. Following the roughness of my charcoal works, use of directional light, and imperfection of lines; this was created. Lorem Ipsum is a Latin based text that is can be randomly generated so I could have text space fillers while the white squares are image place holders. In order for my design to have a spice of color I added some blues that are spread out throughout the page making a blue, grey, white, black color pallet.

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Interactive Design – Style matching

The purpose of this post is to relate three of my own works to that of someone else who has worked in a similar manner as I have done so. The Artist is Laurie Lipton and she does her own personal work in pencil/charcoal allowing for the textures and limitations of her medium show, stylizing here creepy images but not distracting overall.

The works here all have something in common, they are done in black and white mediums and allow for the roughness of their medium and surfaces to show through creating their own texture after what was applied to give the paper imagery. Aside from any meaning behind the imagery, the substance that lays down on your screen and on these pages is what is important for this process of creating an interactive design.


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Website – Seasonal Walk


images may not load completely on first try – url provider runs slow

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Adobe XD webPototype revised

Seasonal Walk

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