Maya Character Design Final Update

Fully Textured and rendered 3D model.

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Final Project – Self Portrait

The portrait is an expression of my characteristics, tired yet wanting to continue on and break through boundaries. Continue reading

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First Ever Wooden Marionette

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This marionette came from my love of the animal called the Red Panda. And since I was always a bit intrigued with fashion I made clothing that would somewhat resemble the animals characteristics and color scheme. I elongated  legs because in high school i remember seeing some clothe line design drawings and that all the models had longer than normal legs. In my pictures I tried to position my model so that it looked as though it were in a photo shoot, acting in a carefree manner and yet “sexy” way. Continue reading

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Maya 3D Character Design Update 2

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Next update will be fully textured model

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Creation Myth Comic Strip

This comic panel deals with the creation story of the Tungusic tribe that resides in Northeast Asia/ Siberia region. They don’t have much in art but they do have clothing, so most of my artwork is based off old Asian art and the fashion of their time.

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The story behind the comic in summary is Buga, the main God, and Buninka, the secondary, have a quarrel and Buga ends up winning. After that, Buga spares Buninka allowing him to roam Earth as long as he leaves humanity alone. Buga then creates humanity from elements of the Earth. once humans die, the passing of their souls is spread between the two Gods. The good ones go to Buga and bad ones going to the center of the Earth where Buninka resides and becoming his. Continue reading

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Maya 3D Character Design Update

Character update after designing head, shirt, pants… feet, hair, and hands will be added soon…

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Non Sequential

For the composition of this piece I decided to have it sit in the center and have it so that the flow of my objects would carry you to the other objects no matter where one starts. In order to show depth I had very light shading and line work. As for the objects that were to appear closer they got thicker and darker lines as well as more variation in the gradients of my shading. To eliminate the emptiness from both the top and the bottom, the shadow of the non-sequential was added to take away the white space that would have been there, and the word “LIFE” was added not only to fill the top background but as a word with meaning. The gradient background was added to enhance not only the bold letters but to make the gradients within the non-sequential more vibrant. Continue reading

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