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Fantasy Landscape – Afflatus


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Illustrated Journals

Golden Mean, Golden Ratio, and Fibonacci number The philosophy around the Golden Mean is that the right amount of expression of character is present within a person. For example, if a person is seen as having courage, the display it so that … Continue reading

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Alfred Stieglitz – The Eloquent Eye


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Linear Day

The lines primarily used were lines of thin strokes. However, through the addition of adding line thickness to certain images while making other areas completely black, makes those certain images or areas pop out in bold contrast throughout my piece. The … Continue reading

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Theory of Abstraction

Abstraction of the act of replication of movement, rhythm, pattern or feelings. Each creation has its own flow where it may be disrupted very quickly but then returns to its roots. Abstract doesn’t mean real; it represents to unseen or … Continue reading

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Animations #1 & 2

animation-write-up Greg is Alive Greg is Alive 2

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Fantasy Landscape #2

My second fantasy landscape based off the idea of how to brain reacts under stressful situations. Some areas of the brain are kept nice and sturdily build, while other areas crumble and melt as you seem to forget what you … Continue reading

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