Book of Kells observation exercise



Observation on Book of Kells “letters”

~~~First image

— contrast of the true blues and reds

— ribbon like border “water lake”

— pattern of circles in circles and symbols

— has a combination and variation of line thickness

— intricate weaving of lines giving depth

— no real merging of colors

— pops out segments using thick lines

— story telling (monk with a spirit?)

— fragmentation

— curvature behind “monk” giving another illusion, bulging effect

— clash of colors/ battle really brings out strength of its diversity

— almost gives senses of luminosity

~~Book of kells

  • religious book

~~Second image

— connection of spiral animal shapes throughout border

—Popping of certain areas using variation of line thickness

~~Third image

— Solid bold color use

— gospel

— Wave shapes

— Plant life depicted and used as background border to center image

— Densely pact with combination of long big images and small short images (details)

—story telling (use of calligraphic lettering)

~~Fourth image

— boldness of color choice to depict different planes of scenery

— uses a lot of symbolic items {crest}

— vineyard

— depiction of higher beings

— presence of non-earthly being

— submission_wishing???

— foliage

~~Persian miniatures

— Singles out a specific object (noun)

— patterns of squares and writings

~~Second image

— different planes of being

— building combined to common area/ floor

— community/ togetherness

— Main use of primary colors and occasional complementary/supplementary ones as well

~~Third image

— Story telling

— curvature of lines and spacing create a texture to the rocky background and wavy circular texture on grass

— Bold lines used in creation of man and horse

— Facial expression on both man and horse very strong

~~Fourth image

—asymmetry of borders

— use of nature’s shape for use as decor for border and background

— focus of center of page

— Story telling

— bold colors of articles of clothing

— story images blend in wishing the background to form detail surrounding the main focus of the paper

— double border straight up around central image making it bold

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