Linear Day


The lines primarily used were lines of thin strokes. However, through the addition of adding line thickness to certain images while making other areas completely black, makes those certain images or areas pop out in bold contrast throughout my piece. The main technique I use to represent darker areas, or areas of variant contrast was cross-hatching and it is represented through every image in my piece. Not only does this technique provide my images with their own sense of depth, it also creates unity within my piece as it links every image with a consistence that the variation of image shapes cannot do on their own. The image represents the flow of my day from when I woke up listening to my nature sounds alarm to when I fell asleep to music. As for most of my images they are all linked with a line or image from the previous panel that gives it the continuos flow from one activity to there other.

The images, although respectively real in what they represent. I feel they are very creative and expressive as they do not show my person physically doing each panel yet still poetry the quality and activity of my day in an artistic way.

Sadly however there was a small smudge from the process of gluing after all was drawn out and done; I didn’t want to have to restart the entire piece, so it remains.

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