Illustrated Journals

Golden Mean, Golden Ratio, and Fibonacci number

golden-meanThe philosophy around the Golden Mean is that the right amount of expression of character is present within a person. For example, if a person is seen as having courage, the display it so that it doesn’t come off too strong; making it so that they seem reckless, or too weak and looking like a coward. This applies to art as well. When creating a piece there is a balance that is required to properly display. If there are imbalances within a piece it will expresses itself differently. Depending on the way the artist intends for their piece to be viewed a necessary scale has to be created, either it’s straight in the center or shifted going towards the opposite ends.

golden-ratioThe Golden Ratio in my understanding is that the ratio of the entire length of two different segments is the same as the ratio of the two segments alone. The discovery of the Golden Ratio explains why when we look outside at nature, why it becomes a sight that brings pleasant emotions to us. For creations of art, the artist must know how his/her shapes and figures are in relation to one another in order for viewers to react positively from observing the piece.fibonacci-sequence

Lastly, the Fibonacci number; in art terms, is the use of a repetitive pattern using short and long elements: shapes, color, motion, size. The unity that is created from the combination of short and long elements creates a rhythm that helps pull the viewers gaze from one side of the piece to another. This practice can also help draw the observers eye to a selected portion in a work that the artist purposely sections out so it becomes the center of attention

Illustrated Journal #2

If you happen to have my luck, the world seems to know what you’re in the process of learning and brings it back around when you least expect it. This popped up on my pinterest, and it actually helped explain what it was better than when I was doing my self research on it.

Golden Ratio, Golden Mean

Illustrated Journal #3

Picture references of the human body^

On  my down time I try to get myself back into the style i started off with drawing which was drawing what I saw as real as possible. I have gotten  myself stuck into drawing cartoon like and, this is just a personal thing but, I don’t like how I’ve formatted to cartoon creations. This research helps me a lot with understanding the human form as it itself is complex and amazing. Figuring out the movement and reaction of joints to muscles is something I am happy to spend hours learning.

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