Illuminated Initial

Illuminated letter watercolor illuminated-letter-wct illuminated-letter-wc Illuminated letter Illuminated letter

The illuminated letter project started off by researching: Book of Kells; Book of Hours; or Persian or Indian Miniatures. After researching those, the next step was to then find inspiration from nature by finding certain textures or patterns, that through my perspective would benefit my piece. Once all resources we gathered the next step was to then create a preliminary drawing or sketch of what would soon be the final product. Through research of Book of Kells and others, the first artwork created was which had to be black and white. I recreated my original sketch digitally to clean up my line work and proportions. In order to balance the piece and create focal points, sectioned areas were filled in with tight detail while others where left almost completely basic white or total black. After the first draft was done, a different medium needed to be practiced; this is represented by the strokes of watercolor in the second image. From this step I was then able to find ways to create lights and darks as to then apply them to my project. On completion of that step, the next process after that was to scan it in digitally and edit it through digital means represented by image three to four, which I used photoshop for. From that step on we then had to purely color the art digitally. This is represented by image five. Because I had already decided on a color scheme of the project, I decided to boost the saturation of my previous water colors and make them a more true and less gray toned colors. There’s a separation of the “S” from the rest of the piece as it becomes the center focal point due to its dark blue surrounded by a contrasting bevel of yellow. The final step was to then use the nature images we took for inspiration and incorporate them directly into the piece where we had put or interpretations within our image shown by the last image. From the makings of this project I’ve learned that the need to fully create a piece comes from many observations, meaning from outside sources i.e. Book of Kells or seeing the color scheme from water colors to digital painting.

This project demands that me, as a DMA (digital media animator) student, develop my skills of interpreting every day objects of the past, present, natural, or crafted to create variations of works.

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