My observational drawing of the chair uses contrast as its major element of design. The absence of the addition of any markings within the white stripes brings out the highlights within the fabric. Using the various shades of gray to black, each crease and fold are shadows made to represent the separation of the layers on the cloth that the mind would otherwise try and replicate as lines. Each stripe varies in orientation and thickness through the piece to show the flow of how the cloth was draped on the chair creating motion. The piece is centered off to the right and center to create balance of what is seen so as to not attack the viewer and hold its place in its 2-dimensional plane of existence.

This assignment forced me to concentrate for numerous hours in replicating this delicate form. The stress of hoping the wind would not move this light fabric to not obscure by work was overwhelming. The need to find a proper reason of creating art is what this project has taught me. As in the realm of digital media, the art must show emotion and character as to not sit flat and center within the page to draw in a viewer. With this project I now know that I have a new medium to attach onto my preferred ways to create grayscale pieces that aren’t just graphite.


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