Gallery 1 – Dr. Mary Drach Mcinnes

Stephen Gonzalez


In viewing Dr. Mary Drach Mcinnes works, she goes back and forth from surreal and figure drawings. Her art focuses a lot on line work and making a composition so that even a still image can express a tone or mood.


Untitled 1

Start of her gesture series, there is knowledge of form, very rough, generalized shading closing the space between lines to show value of shadow


Untitled 13

Towards very end of her gesture series, very clean lines, smoothness and fluidity of every line, no distraction of original form, now uses white lines to reference highlights, better understanding of the space surrounding the person in the picture, better representation of lights, midtones, and dark areas of the organic.


Imagined landscape 1

Start of her abstract surreal series, use of bold colors, very little value change, use of compliments to bring out certain objects of importance to her work, simple geometric shapes, collage and comic feel, uses perspective to show volume form and space within her illustration


Imagined landscape 16

Towards end of her abstract surreal series, more use of boldness of colors, addition of shadow by value change, every object relates to its individual broken up frame, has a story element, still basic but with more dynamic geometric shapes, creates illusions of reflectiveness by having outlines of circles around areas warping or capturing light bounced off object

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