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Gallery 2 – Core Sample

Stephen Gonzalez   Gallery 2 – Core Sample   I visited the gallery called “Core Sample, Selections from the Permanent Collection” at Alfred Ceramic Art Museum on December 10th, 2016. The gallery was a focus on artists who had graduated from … Continue reading

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Animal Mask

The mask is based off the animal the Red Panda. The style used was an attempt to create form ,facial features, and animal ascetics. The curves of the paper allow for a slender figure yo appear creating what I saw … Continue reading

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Digital Foundation Final

Digital Foundation 1 Final The act of telling a story through images is not an easy task. The stylistic choices that are brought into the work have to create a tone that is not only reflexive for the creator but … Continue reading

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Intro to Visual Communication

My full name is Stephen but my best friends call me Steph. Most the time with them I’m super nutty and I’m always excpected to do something out of the ordinary, however I’m still developing as a person and an … Continue reading

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For the phenakistoscope a twelve-frame animation was created to be in a looping pattern. For the project I used consitant line weight throughout the piece except for the red ball going down the waterfall. There is greater line variation within … Continue reading

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