phenscopeFor the phenakistoscope a twelve-frame animation was created to be in a looping pattern. For the project I used consitant line weight throughout the piece except for the red ball going down the waterfall. There is greater line variation within that section of animation so that the viewer can identify the ball. To separate the frames of animation contrasting colors were added in order to help bring out the focal points in each animation series. To make fluid and enjoyable animation, some principles of animation used were anticipation, the zooming out for the red ball to drop; Timing, tried to keep a steady smooth flow so that no transition into the next frame was too drastic of a movement; and straight ahead pose to pose, the window wheel opening and closing. I’ve grown more confident in myself from this project becouse it shows that im willing to take some risk and not always go for what feels comfortabllw to me. In relavance to my major as a DMA student at Alfred State College, I’ve challenged myself to work on exacting measurements to keep frames of animation linked, and I have challeneged myself in moving camera angles and perspectives. Both of which seemed to be successful in practice.


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