Intro to Visual Communication

My full name is Stephen but my best friends call me Steph. Most the time with them I’m super nutty and I’m always excpected to do something out of the ordinary, however I’m still developing as a person and an artist which is represented by the segments of grass.


Points are a single coordinate in an infinite plane. When many points are connected in sequence one after another they connect and form lines. With the combination of these two basic forms the creation of movement can be implied creating unity in a still image.Points and Lineplaneproject-01

My college, Alfred State College, has a section near my dorm suit where 3 other dorms connect with mine to have a huge walkway of interlacing and interlocking paths. I took pictures of sections of this and semi abstractly recreated them into a collage.PlaneProject2 copy.png

The overlapping of planes gives the abstraction of my previous image depth in a 2 dimensional space. A plane is a flat surface that extends in height and width. It is represented usually as a bounded plane which then make up our shapes. The object jutting out and off the image is an expression of how planes are not concealed to a limited space.1-point perspective:

Print2-point perspective:

Print3-point perspective:


Using the perspective tool In adobe Illustrator I created three different images using 1-point, 2-point, and 3-point perspectives. Through the different perspectives the illusion of different planes of space are created. There is a seperation of shapes using color contrast as each perspective uses relatively one color with different values of black or white added into its color. Each image has its own dimensions where the volumes of the shapes vary.randomness-copy

Art isn’t just the viewing pleasure of seeing anothers works on a wall, paper, or sculpture. The best aspect about art is the feeling of how art jumps out into reality breaking away from its own bondaries.

The high contrast of color and detail help to separate each plane. Using Be’zier curves, the development of organic shapes and images disconnects the ridgeness of structured lines of the city-scape and walls. The curves also show fluidity and motion as shown through the wavy lines of the water pouring out of the back wall and the flight path of the bee.

This project impliments the images I took from a nature walk with my class. The lesser detail and bright orange tree creates contrast from the blue sky and gray green color pallete of the original image. I chose the word Discovery as the two people are looking across from other sides of the tree and finding one another. The final thing that relates to the text, Discovery, is the apple. Issac Newton was under a tree, and once an apple fell on his head he “discovered” gravity.


The silhouette uses high levels of contrast exposing details and features vividly in the void of black. The composition of the image uses scale change to add a sense of motion and depth that without gray tones may not be percieved. As the sword and portrait upscale the size of the tree with an apple the piece now has a foreground middleground and background. Even the simple text has character, as it screams “enjoy” the following words “the silence” sink into the black expressing the solitude and quietness of itself.


A pattern is a repetition of a order and position of a shape(s). A matrix is a grid like pattern with repetition of shapes in different layers. This matrix uses foregorund, middleground, and background to create overlaps and fragmentation of the patterns.

The use of negative space, complimentary, analogous, value change, and intensity changes for colors within the piece allow for areas to be seperated and for the piece to have a sense of unity.what if..

Modular design is a repetition of an elemnt or object in a composition. The birds are a representation of modular design. The 3D aspects of the birds and shift in color enchace and change the image. They add a geometric element that then changes the feeling of the poster.

The seperation and scale change of the text makes the viewers eyes move vertically from top to bottom. They also make a framework to introduce other design choices. The framework allows the onlooker to take in an interpretation of what the poster’s underlying meaning is.

The overall use of earth tone colors creates unity in the composition. This unity is then impacted by the bright colors of the birds and text. They add a fruitful splash, seperating the viewers eyes from the dullness of the tonal browns allowing for the composition to have a sense of excitement.

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