Digital Foundation Final

Digital Foundation 1 FinalScreen Shot 2016-12-08 at 4.14.37 AM.png

The act of telling a story through images is not an easy task. The stylistic choices that are brought into the work have to create a tone that is not only reflexive for the creator but of the viewer as well. A connection between the observer is a key element in creating a work using photo montages.

The main type of photo montage in which I tried to display is called Tonal Montage. Tonal Montage is used to convey emotional connections between shots. Every shot included has meaning and direction that connect the dots to link the images to a grand meaning of a photo series. My piece is related to me and it is then taken up a notch to a level of extreme in order to greater convey my deeper meaning in the video. It starts off as a sentimental scene with hugs and a goodbye. The departure scene foreshadows the tone for the rest of the clip allowing the viewer to feel what is about to occur.

The lesser but still important type of photo montage also used was Rhythmic Montage. This type of montage conveys the sense of time passing by. The artist believes in the minds of the viewer to figure out that not every action of a frame needs to be taken. An implied narrative is left for the onlooker so they can make the assumption of time going by. This is present in almost every shot as important shots are taken to show the interaction between the actor(s) and the environment. Specifically shows while the nightmare shows me walking through the woods through shots of various key points during my journey.


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