Gallery 2 – Core Sample

Stephen Gonzalez


Gallery 2 – Core Sample


I visited the gallery called “Core Sample, Selections from the Permanent Collection” at Alfred Ceramic Art Museum on December 10th, 2016. The gallery was a focus on artists who had graduated from Alfred University and have visited there before. This ceramic museum gallery had a lot of various forms and what I’d say to be some questionable things in there at first glance. I’ve been told to figure out what draws my attention and explain the reasons for why I feel the things I feel when viewing art. These are but a few of the pieces I felt heavily towards that really intrigued me.


Juan Miguel Santiago, Threshold, 2004

Threshold is multiple different squares that have different bumps and static shapes on them. The square segments are put in a way that resemble a large door. This creates anticipation and wonder what would be behind it if such a door existed. Due to the various bumps and shapes on the squares it gives them individuality from the bigger image. What happened for me while walking around the gallery was the light would trickle down the bumps and create a sense of motion like an ocean reflecting the sun.


Ken Ferguson, Vessel with Running Hares, 1988

This very simple ceramic felt like a story was being told. There were 4 small hares and one big one. Because the smaller hares surrounded to larger one it resembled family to me and gave the piece a sentimental appeal. With the use of a circle rim as well as the stretching of each hare, a sense of movement was instill onto a static piece of work.


Kristen Morgin, Cello, 1997

This last sculpt hit me hard since I love music. It had a very simple color of earth tones and was then amplified by the different textures from the materials used in making this battered cello. Once again the sense of a story fell behind this work as through experience that the rugged cello resembled the hardship of never ending practice to always better oneself as a musician.

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