Character Development

Everyday has a new pitch to throw at people and they only get a few swings to hit the ball out the park. Meaning that each day has a new challenge ahead that adds to what pressures from society or individuals add to the weight of there problems. In this characters world, that is a literal translation. There are 6 tiers of society in this universe from very low standard to a persons maximum capability. Each individual is born starting at the lowest of standards no matter where he/she’s parents got to on their social status. From birth they are linked to a gauge that tells them how much “weight” they carry on their shoulders and in order to rise to the other parts of society, they need to lift the weight of low standard pressures off of them and so on for the other 5. No child is born knowing their parents, until they have reached the point at which they have cleared the same amount of accomplishments as their birth parents. That is the story behind my characters. Two friends are on search of their parents as they finally leave the ground level of society and have yet to receive a notification of who and where their parents are located.

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