Canon Project

In my character design, I used even weight lines in order to show that he focuses on being very precise. Each line was made deliberately to represent the way he gets when inventing his own electronics or metal works. The stylization of the lines is mainly hard straight and “jagged”, because; even though he dresses like a proper student he is rugged and adventurous. The same stylization is present in my shading, as this is my artist preference, yet the cubic shaded regions fit well for my character’s personality. The choices of color were based off of my own experiences with school uniforms as green shirt and tan pants and they go well together creates balance in my character as the lightness of the tan is backed by the dark. The use of a bright yellow-orange in his hair was to make his hair piece a focal point to once again depict his rugged adventurous.

This project has taught me the importance of character development and maintaining proportions through rotations of a drawing that I now know is called staying on mark. There won’t always be the case that what is initially drawn will be the final product. Most cases a character goes through phases that can be steps in the right direction or marked off as things not to do. After design failures finally comes the end product and then comes the different points of views. This was a challenging process that required a lot of focus on placement of accessories and details that were added in order to enhance the character. This project also showed me that through my steps taken that not all lines should look smooth. The types of line used has a drastic impact on the relaying of information from the page or screen to the viewer.

Taking the lessons learned from the “Canon” project lets me know that when creating a 2-dimensional drawing to always be aware of the character as if they too were in a 3-dimensional space. Also, when having a key character pose, his or her design choices must remain on mark as long as nothing drastic has happened to alter the person’s appearance. This helps me in my field so that if I were to bring my character into a 3D based software or to animate this character, I have an understanding of all the aspects and design choices of my character on hand and am now allowed to create them without worry of mistakes.

William was taken away at birth due to the system that governs his society as do all new-born. He was raised by a foster family on the lowest level of his society and has no inkling as to where or who his parents are. In order for someone to discover their birth parents they must complete task to reduces a certain amount of “weight” that the government assigned to the individual at birth. Through his development at the foster home and schooling, William has discovered that he is an inventor and loves to create little gadgets and sculptures to pass the time. He also discovered that sitting at home was too boring, so him and his best friend Jerry, a girl, who he met at the foster home, escape every now and then and roam around the town going on adventures. He doesn’t get into much trouble as he is quick on his feet and shows excellence in school, but Will worries that he won’t be able to find his parents in time. William and Jerry have already gone through two levels of society and have yet been successful at locating either on of their parents. As they travel they learn the limitation that has been placed on them at birth. Venturing on their quest to meet their parents they come across and watch as others try to trick the system and are punished for looking for shortcuts.

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