Why I consider myself as not an artist…yet.

Going into the field of art wasn’t an afterthought, i had loved drawing all my life and wished for it to be a career. However i  never took ownership on the fact that i was going into a field that does require research and that needs a high demand of passion. I had lots of sketches, but none of them were for practice. Something that is required is the ability to go  from working to learning and experimenting. That is a bridge i have not crossed and have only recently discovered. The mindset of an artist is to take in inspiration and be open minded to failure. I have been meticulous and detail oriented my entire life so far and that is a struggle for me as my mind hates to see unfinished or unrefined work. My “sketches” as i would label them now were never underdeveloped, they always went through the simple process of starting and becoming finishing works that i could feel comfortable with showing off. Learning for me was from the frustration of not creating a “finished” piece that was up to my standards which would make me then go and research and learn through viewing and not repetition. Something i don’t do enough of is do enough of my own work anymore. I lost some of the will to willfully draw on my own time and only take my talents to when i have to do projects for my college courses. I love the feedback i get whether it sounds like compliments of harsh criticism, but knowing that i don’t practice on my own makes me sometimes re-look at that composition and feeling it could’ve been better if i had practiced. The one thing i would say that makes an artist is that they not only jump on the instances of split second inspiration but also to take the time to practice the skills that will enhance the moments when inspiration strikes.

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