Self Reflection

For this Self-Portrait I drew what was seen through a window at dusk. The light difference inside to outside allowed for a double vision of imagery to be displayed onto the glass panes of the window. In order to show that these are two separate yet  distinguishable images, I used hash shading going from upper right to lower left for me inside reflections and upper left to lower right for the outside. I was going for an effect that when both images collided a dark crosshatching would form but, I decided against that for majority of it because I didn’t want the details to be lost. Sadly while drawing this no people graced me with there presence by walking either behind me nor outside the window so no other human figures are present. The floating “arbitrary” forms that surround me are my main thought proccesses while creating this work. I was thinking about how little time I feel I have for how I work, always have some random song in my head; this time it was “I love Rock and Roll” by Joan Jett The Blackhearts, my dance routines because a big showcase is coming soon for us, and a different art piece represented by the eye as it’s a little off putting. The eye is not only placed onto my head for its symbolism of my project but of the fact that I’m optimistic and am looking up to see where I can eventually lead myself.

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