Non Sequential

For the composition of this piece I decided to have it sit in the center and have it so that the flow of my objects would carry you to the other objects no matter where one starts. In order to show depth I had very light shading and line work. As for the objects that were to appear closer they got thicker and darker lines as well as more variation in the gradients of my shading. To eliminate the emptiness from both the top and the bottom, the shadow of the non-sequential was added to take away the white space that would have been there, and the word “LIFE” was added not only to fill the top background but as a word with meaning. The gradient background was added to enhance not only the bold letters but to make the gradients within the non-sequential more vibrant.This project had three variations and I chose one where I figured was worth giving a try as I’ve never heard of it before. The non-sequential as my professor stated is a combination of objects that don’t normally go right next to one another. Because we are working on the human body, that was my main focus.

Finally something I was pestered to do was accomplished. With that statement I mean using a variation of line weight. Allowing myself to listen to the advice given by my professor to experiment and think about composition before developing the final outcome makes me believe that this is one of my strongest pieces. This also helped me in breaking away from drawing straight people and taking a chance in going a strange direction.

After completing this piece I believe that I will focus more on composition and not going straight to in the center of the page and thinking about how and where I want my viewers attention to be. Whether it be drawn towards a focal point or following a path, this will be a technique put to later uses throughout my career as an artist.

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