Creation Myth Comic Strip

This comic panel deals with the creation story of the Tungusic tribe that resides in Northeast Asia/ Siberia region. They don’t have much in art but they do have clothing, so most of my artwork is based off old Asian art and the fashion of their time.

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The story behind the comic in summary is Buga, the main God, and Buninka, the secondary, have a quarrel and Buga ends up winning. After that, Buga spares Buninka allowing him to roam Earth as long as he leaves humanity alone. Buga then creates humanity from elements of the Earth. once humans die, the passing of their souls is spread between the two Gods. The good ones go to Buga and bad ones going to the center of the Earth where Buninka resides and becoming his.Sadly I don’t have a solid reasons for my comic panel, but for the rest of it, the color choices where made with a deliberateness. The colors of the panels where to relate any individual that if the see brown and green together with shades of blue that it would resemble a peaceful Earth. The middle panel was colored with the intention of it being mystical and a moment of aw. Using the color purple was to signify a royalty of the moment. As most cultures associate the color with royalty and the creation of humanity is a very important much like rulers and kings where. The backgrounds for the other panels were created with the idea of Asian culture having a water color texture of them. I did however stray away from suing their thin line weight because that is something I’ve been staying away from recently. Also they have a more exaggerated approach to the clothing which I decided to show more of a slim look than a puffy appearance.

This project made me use more reference photos than I’ve ever done before. And I believe that is a good thing; because, looking at other works of art and the cultures behind that style are what helps you to create your own style. It establishes your tastes and acceptance of all the different genre and styles people have done through the course of thousands of years. That is what I feel this project has established for me within this program. Developing a reason for drawing and creating and establishing what will make you the pink dot in a black ocean.

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Tungusic Creation Myth

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