First Ever Wooden Marionette

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This marionette came from my love of the animal called the Red Panda. And since I was always a bit intrigued with fashion I made clothing that would somewhat resemble the animals characteristics and color scheme. I elongated  legs because in high school i remember seeing some clothe line design drawings and that all the models had longer than normal legs. In my pictures I tried to position my model so that it looked as though it were in a photo shoot, acting in a carefree manner and yet “sexy” way.

The marionette started off as a simple character sketch that was then transferred over into a wood  block design after studying the elements of how to craft your own marionette through handouts by our professor. The materials used were balsa wood, some steel wires, glue, twine, oven baked clay, and an assortment of felt. It felt amazing to be able to craft miniature clothes for my work because prior to this I was always interested in designing my own style of clothes to wear for myself. With this test done I can feel a bit more comfortable making something life size for me or someone else.

The only real difficult part for this assignment was figuring out how to allow my marionette to move as a human would. Because the human body is way more complex than a simple puppet it was slightly difficult to simplify my knowledge of joint movement of humans to such a small object.

From this project I feel however I have a better understanding of how someone might be able to rig a 3D rendering of a model and make it so their movement isn’t so stiff and robotic.

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