Final Project – Self Portrait

The portrait is an expression of my characteristics, tired yet wanting to continue on and break through boundaries.

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Finding out how to convey those elements of myself took only a few tries and this is what became of it. The arm is foreshortened to give the greatest effect of it being closer than anything else in my image. My style of drawing is realism because I take heavy inspiration from my father as he is my hero and he always told me to focus on even the most minute of details. To make the piece more dynamic I added diagonal lines in order to add a dragging feeling to my background. They act as a pulling force down and center which is where I want the viewers eyes to go and be able to escape the image by following my hand as my hand is what allows me to draw and escape my own mind at times.

The image itself uses high contrast by having dark gray tones surrounded by vibrant highlights. The drastic shifts from light to dark give a sense of depth as to how deep or covered an area is. The background it a light smooth gray tone as to not distract the viewer from the main focus of my piece focused center right and allows the other areas of darker grays to stand out balancing my piece. To give my piece motion and direction I have diagonal lines converging to a horizontal that is slightly tilted to add a feeling of disorder to the scenery of which I am trying to escape/break through.

Because of this project I feel I have a better mastery of the use of monochromatic gray scale imagery and wouldn’t shy away from taking it in another direction. From this confidence I feel I can now try my efforts in another possible medium in which I have no real priorĀ  knowledge of and adding it to my roster of mediums in which I can illustrate in. This piece also shows to me that i have taken the elements and principles of design and allowed them to flourish through my work. I am able to pick out my subconscious use of the elements so that if I were to see others do the same I can understand their applications of them as well. Thus helping out in critiquing my own work others as well, so when I end up collaborating on a piece with others through my field of study I can be of better assistance in the process.


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