Limitless – Video Art


Life goes beyond the grave/death. Even when people cease to exist on earth they are forever immortalized by the people who knew them well. The theme within both poems, Immortality (1963) by Unknown and Sonnet 23: Methought I saw my late espoused saint by John Milton, and in the movie Inception there are people talking, seeing, and chasing there beloved friends or family. Showing that life doesn’t completely end once you take your last breath, but transfers your existence into remnants of memory of feeling, hearing, and even seeing. What would tie these all together would be to have reality washed out with faded color and have the scenes of the dead “walking” amongst the living have vivid warm colors, to show that sometimes the only way people are happier is when they are still with the ones who are gone. And after we have accepted the reality of their death of flesh we can deal with the weight of breathing.


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