Final Production Project – Insider

This is the culmination of my semester in Production at my college. In short it depicts a character (me) going through a psychiatric break and turning on his morals and self allowing for the suppressed anger that builds up inside, loose and forever in control.

Extended reading about thought process in making Insider: Insider


3D Animation Reel

The start of the semester I started my animation using a simple ball that relied on simple principles of animation: spacing, timing, squash and stretch, and ease-in and ease-out. Right after that we were thrown into the whole nine yards relying on all principles of animation and its techniques: Exaggeration, overlapping action and follow through, the use of reference, staging, anticipation; and a whole lot more.  

The few things that I felt I grasped well and quickly were overlapping action, squash and stretch, shooting my own reference, and understanding range and motion. Mainly because those are some of the simplest things about animation there is, but as I went on I found that I was able to slowly create different styles of appeal for my animations as they gave each Norman animation his own personality.  

The other things that I feel I struggled with and still need to improve on are not relying too heavily on my reference as it is there only for the basics for you to understand, and can give ideas for a later animation in a scene. As well as staying with a style of exaggeration. If you are breaking the rules of reality, keep them in mind but also go as far away from it until it becomes almost unbelievable that your character has the capability to do those kinds of actions.  

Some strategies I might use going forward to better myself within this animation field would be to get myself used to using a slightly more complex animation rig to allow for more learning in what having certain subtleties are allowed when creating the range of emotions people and characters can express. And to try and break away from strict following of reality meaning to exaggerate just a little more than what people can do so that my animations have a life of their own and feel like they too could be a living breathing person or thing.