Interaction Review – Games

A Game to Play Forever:

A game that I can play forever is Osu!

The way I play Osu! is by using a drawing tablet and a keyboard. My tablet screen is a smaller version of my computer screen so when I hover over an area on my tablet it correlates directly to a visual cursor on my computer screen. Moving my hand and stylus over to the left/right moves the cursor left/right in the screen. The same thing happens if I move my hand and stylus up/down the mouse cursor moves up/down respectively. In order to hit the notes on the screen I move my cursor over to the place on the screen where the note appears an indication circle surrounding the note appears depicting the timing to successfully achieve the delegated points. Once the decreasing circle gets closest to the note, hitting either the “Z” or “X” key the note disappears granting the points and showing the hit-point score earned depending on the players timing.

Timing From Physical Inputs and Effects:

The timing from how I move physically responds in synchronization from my movements and inputs to the game itself. When approaching held down notes, there is a follow indicator that reliably shows the speed in which the cursor should be moving and tracing upon that note. After hitting multiple notes in succession after the other, there are combo streaks that build up at the bottom left so you are reminded of how well you are keeping in rhythm to the song. With the combo streak, after every fifty notes a visual character or screen visual cue will appear briefly enough to grant positive feedback for doing a good job. While doing a good job during any particular song there is a health bar at the top left that fluctuates with how your performance is. Then when the player messes up they are given an audio cue along with a visual cue that yes they messed up.

Difficulty Increase:

The game is made by the players, and all new songs are posted by song list and beatmaps that have been approved by the Osu! board. Majority of songs have different difficulty settings that the user can control on which difficulty they want. The game starts off with a tutorial level that gives the player a very basic understanding of all the elements of the game, so the difficulty increases with the speed on which notes show up and match the rhythm to the song they are attached to.

Frustrating Game:

A game that I would say frustrates me is a game called Fortnite.

The game consist of playing from two main sets of controls with either keyboard and mouse or controller. I play using a controller (X-box), and in order to interact in the game, I use the analog stick on the left to move forward when pushing forward, backwards when holding backwards, left when pushing left, and right when pushing right. To go in diagonals its a combination of push forward left/right or backwards left/right. To run I press in the left analog and release, to stop running I either stop holding/pushing in any direction or ease up on the analog to return it closer to its starting position. In order to jump I quickly press the A-button, and you have a set jump height. To aim, use the right analog stick: pushing forward aims up, holding back aims down, holding left/right makes you aim left/right respectively.

Other Inputs:

To shoot I either click or hold down the right trigger button, to reload I hold down the X-button, the X-button is also used for objects that require interaction, to switch to my pickaxe to harvest materials I click the Y-button, to gather materials while the pickaxe is equipped and holding down the right trigger; search for certain objects and upon swinging the pickaxe on them they give you either: wood, brick, or metal, to use them click B-button and cycling through 4 building options you may place them down using a preset custom control called Building-pro within an the instant of clicking them.

Timing From Physical Inputs and Effects:

Every input is for the most part instantaneous after reacting. Cycling through weapons and attempting to fire has a slight delay. There are some weapons however that have loading longer loading times to switch from or to in order to fire the next shot.

Frustration From Game Play:

The act of another player building after getting shot removes the expected result you want after getting the first-attack on the other player. The resulting negative feedback form not receiving the damage numbers show brings down the enthusiasm of the engagement. Another part of the game that is infuriating is the weapons contained bullet spread randomness. Upon firing these weapons you may be around the perfect effective weapon distance to deal max weapon damage, however, the bullets will still miss even when the target in question is center reticle. One last thing that gets fairly old and annoying is that the weapon or loot area spawns do not remain consistent, so the chance of landing in an area with little to no weapons or resources grants the player with very small odds of success upon meeting a player who got better “loot-luck” with all there equipment.

Difficulty Increase:

The games increasing difficulty comes from the other players mastery over the controls the game has implemented. However the game does not have its own way of increasing the difficulty levels of its play style.

There are no implementations that are in place that grant an area for the player to hone in their skills, only to practice upon other players that may already be “experts” at the game as it is.


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