Silent Noise Surreality

This visual piece is based off my understanding of two of the six visual trends; surreality and silent vs. noise. Through silent vs. noise I wanted to play with the illusion of being consolidated in a singular room where noise didn’t happen as it should where sounds that are usually more unheard or unseen are most prevalent and heard. While surreality played part in the tonal contrast and visual effects.

Through Bruce Block’s “The Visual Story,” I followed a couple of his techniques of film making. I created ambiguous space by using disorienting camera angles. The effect I used after flipping my video was to create a spacial awareness that the environment the subject is from is not normal. It is its own universe in where everything makes sense to them but maybe not us. You can see the stretching of different visual strips towards the corners of the screen that show things are linked but mirrored in a way to seem normal but understanding the differences.

I also use camera movement as a visual stimulant as everything in my shot stays in one spot while possible changing in its set position in space. I tread the line of the 180 degree rule when using the visual effect of the rotating environment as it tricks the viewers eyes an mind thinking that the shot continues to pan and track the subject in a full 360 degrees.

Lastly rhythm of stationary objects played role in making my clip. I set up the room so that each object was visually symmetrical across the screen. The couches and person create invisible lines of separation and screen attention that keep the viewers attention at the main point of focus for the subject. Slightly before and after the screen flip the angle at which the camera has been stopped breaks the screen up from its symmetry to a more stimulating camera separation. As there are no longer perfect visual splits but one put off to the left.


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