PandaBean Animation

This animation was done using Adobe Photoshop. While creating this animation, my main focus was to design a character that felt playful and clumsy by nature. What I felt would exemplify this was making sure the characters pose work was thought out.

Animation Principles Used:

While creating the animation I used pose-to-pose animation and keyframed the most important frames first, then went through and finalized all the in-betweens. As well as trying not to stage my character with complete profile or front on shots, unless it made sense for the motion of the character.

I needed a characteristic to make my bean, something I later called it, something appealing to watch.  What I ended up giving my character was this head that reacts before or after the body has already begun. Through this, I used squash and stretch, follow through, and anticipation. Follow through and squash and stretch were used in conjunction with one another.  They were used in creating the jittery gelatinous form and movement of the character.

Anticipation was used as a consistent theme for the bean’s movements established within the very beginning with how if the head extended the body would follow suit. Anticipation was also used when the bean threw the apple in the air and it landed onto his head.

To create believeable movement the timing of my frames needed to follow some ease-ins and ease-outs. These are represented during the anticipation before the bean falls to the floor as the fastest motion of the fall is represented using animation smears or multiples.


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