Pig Slide

The game is simple enough to be described in its two words within the title. There is a pig that is sliding. Sliding on what? A giant stick of butter! The concept of the game is to successfully steer the pig down a hill that is littered with bushes of irritating poison ivy and stubborn rocks and boulders that just don’t seem to want to get out of the players way.

Stephen Sketch 2

This is the title screen for the game, depicting the pig sliding down the hill uncontrollably at rapid speeds. From the pig’s expression, it does not seem like a fun time for the poor creature.Stephen Sketches

These are concepts for the faces of my enemies and eventually mimicked by our playable character upon hitting either of the two enemies after a display of a short cut scene.


Site Revision – Peer Critique

Peer Critique:

Critique from my peers were mostly the same. What they said I did well was establishing a get in your face action feel, which is what I wanted since I went for a militaristic yet marketable approach. I had a clear text hierarchy and it was easy to read for the most part. I got a few responses saying it felt high tech, which isn’t bad because this site you be used to get you ahead of the game if the user is already adept in it, or to quickly bring you up to speed.

The non-compliments were that my choice to have a button text feel on my images for gear felt intrusive to my image blocks and that the text even though already used once on the page, felt as though it didn’t belong. There were conflicting views of how cramped the webpages were since the gallery views and article views had no real spacing in between each other’s <div> and also the scale at which they were presented.

link to website:


Site Revision – Coding

I went for a militaristic feel more than family friendly. The color scheme for this re-design is mainly in the dark tones, sticking to gray, black, and a dark green allowing for the limited white text to pop out but not impairing the audience scrubbing through.

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Here is the link to my final rendition of the website re-design and these screenshots.

https://artblockgonzalez.000webhostapp.com/webstiteRevision/ Continue reading “Site Revision – Coding”

Interactive Design – Style matching

The purpose of this post is to relate three of my own works to that of someone else who has worked in a similar manner as I have done so. The Artist is Laurie Lipton and she does her own personal work in pencil/charcoal allowing for the textures and limitations of her medium show, stylizing here creepy images but not distracting overall.

The works here all have something in common, they are done in black and white mediums and allow for the roughness of their medium and surfaces to show through creating their own texture after what was applied to give the paper imagery. Aside from any meaning behind the imagery, the substance that lays down on your screen and on these pages is what is important for this process of creating an interactive design.


First Ever Wooden Marionette

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This marionette came from my love of the animal called the Red Panda. And since I was always a bit intrigued with fashion I made clothing that would somewhat resemble the animals characteristics and color scheme. I elongated  legs because in high school i remember seeing some clothe line design drawings and that all the models had longer than normal legs. In my pictures I tried to position my model so that it looked as though it were in a photo shoot, acting in a carefree manner and yet “sexy” way. Continue reading “First Ever Wooden Marionette”

Creation Myth Comic Strip

This comic panel deals with the creation story of the Tungusic tribe that resides in Northeast Asia/ Siberia region. They don’t have much in art but they do have clothing, so most of my artwork is based off old Asian art and the fashion of their time.

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The story behind the comic in summary is Buga, the main God, and Buninka, the secondary, have a quarrel and Buga ends up winning. After that, Buga spares Buninka allowing him to roam Earth as long as he leaves humanity alone. Buga then creates humanity from elements of the Earth. once humans die, the passing of their souls is spread between the two Gods. The good ones go to Buga and bad ones going to the center of the Earth where Buninka resides and becoming his. Continue reading “Creation Myth Comic Strip”