Motion Graphics – Font Analysis

We wanted to convey they feeling of disorder and chaos through our mood boards while also establishing concepts and a color pallet.

Here our our small notes taken that describe the font choice we are going to be representing Dyslexie

This is our dialouge that will go along with our storyboard and animation Script: StoryBoard 2019-02-06 10.37.17


Interaction Review – Games

A Game to Play Forever:

A game that I can play forever is Osu!

The way I play Osu! is by using a drawing tablet and a keyboard. My tablet screen is a smaller version of my computer screen so when I hover over an area on my tablet it correlates directly to a visual cursor on my computer screen. Moving my hand and stylus over to the left/right moves the cursor left/right in the screen. The same thing happens if I move my hand and stylus up/down the mouse cursor moves up/down respectively. In order to hit the notes on the screen I move my cursor over to the place on the screen where the note appears an indication circle surrounding the note appears depicting the timing to successfully achieve the delegated points. Once the decreasing circle gets closest to the note, hitting either the “Z” or “X” key the note disappears granting the points and showing the hit-point score earned depending on the players timing. Continue reading “Interaction Review – Games”

Pig Slide

The game is simple enough to be described in its two words within the title. There is a pig that is sliding. Sliding on what? A giant stick of butter! The concept of the game is to successfully steer the pig down a hill that is littered with bushes of irritating poison ivy and stubborn rocks and boulders that just don’t seem to want to get out of the players way.

Stephen Sketch 2

This is the title screen for the game, depicting the pig sliding down the hill uncontrollably at rapid speeds. From the pig’s expression, it does not seem like a fun time for the poor creature.Stephen Sketches

These are concepts for the faces of my enemies and eventually mimicked by our playable character upon hitting either of the two enemies after a display of a short cut scene.

Site Revision – Peer Critique

Peer Critique:

Critique from my peers were mostly the same. What they said I did well was establishing a get in your face action feel, which is what I wanted since I went for a militaristic yet marketable approach. I had a clear text hierarchy and it was easy to read for the most part. I got a few responses saying it felt high tech, which isn’t bad because this site you be used to get you ahead of the game if the user is already adept in it, or to quickly bring you up to speed.

The non-compliments were that my choice to have a button text feel on my images for gear felt intrusive to my image blocks and that the text even though already used once on the page, felt as though it didn’t belong. There were conflicting views of how cramped the webpages were since the gallery views and article views had no real spacing in between each other’s <div> and also the scale at which they were presented.

link to website:

Interactive Design – Style matching

The purpose of this post is to relate three of my own works to that of someone else who has worked in a similar manner as I have done so. The Artist is Laurie Lipton and she does her own personal work in pencil/charcoal allowing for the textures and limitations of her medium show, stylizing here creepy images but not distracting overall.

The works here all have something in common, they are done in black and white mediums and allow for the roughness of their medium and surfaces to show through creating their own texture after what was applied to give the paper imagery. Aside from any meaning behind the imagery, the substance that lays down on your screen and on these pages is what is important for this process of creating an interactive design.


Final Production Project – Insider

This is the culmination of my semester in Production at my college. In short it depicts a character (me) going through a psychiatric break and turning on his morals and self allowing for the suppressed anger that builds up inside, loose and forever in control.

Extended reading about thought process in making Insider: Insider

3D Animation Reel

The start of the semester I started my animation using a simple ball that relied on simple principles of animation: spacing, timing, squash and stretch, and ease-in and ease-out. Right after that we were thrown into the whole nine yards relying on all principles of animation and its techniques: Exaggeration, overlapping action and follow through, the use of reference, staging, anticipation; and a whole lot more.  

The few things that I felt I grasped well and quickly were overlapping action, squash and stretch, shooting my own reference, and understanding range and motion. Mainly because those are some of the simplest things about animation there is, but as I went on I found that I was able to slowly create different styles of appeal for my animations as they gave each Norman animation his own personality.  

The other things that I feel I struggled with and still need to improve on are not relying too heavily on my reference as it is there only for the basics for you to understand, and can give ideas for a later animation in a scene. As well as staying with a style of exaggeration. If you are breaking the rules of reality, keep them in mind but also go as far away from it until it becomes almost unbelievable that your character has the capability to do those kinds of actions.  

Some strategies I might use going forward to better myself within this animation field would be to get myself used to using a slightly more complex animation rig to allow for more learning in what having certain subtleties are allowed when creating the range of emotions people and characters can express. And to try and break away from strict following of reality meaning to exaggerate just a little more than what people can do so that my animations have a life of their own and feel like they too could be a living breathing person or thing. 

Separate Domains

Picking my own subject of this film, the decision was made to make it based upon inner monologues of a semi deranged individual. The purpose of a monologue is to show a third person view like experience that even the main character is not completely aware of going on. With that basis, the use of dutch-angle shots and shutters in filming will add to the effect of the deranged thoughts and feelings of the unaware protagonist. This also allows for them to be their own antagonist as what they might think can do harm to others. With that hidden plane of existence that none are aware of the use of rotoscoped shots will be overlaid over the “normal” day to day clips to show the disturbing reality some would think to exist. Eventually these planes clash and coexist when upon examining the protagonist in the mirror, he finally sees the inner self and lets it become the true reality upon which the film then ends.