Peer Critique

Austin’s walking animation clearly depicts someone who is under some stress, however it is a little difficult to single out what exactly Norman is feeling, but I will say he has back pains. The arch of the back could be a little more if that is where he is reluctantly putting all his stress on. Also if Norman is leaving over with his arms that far on him his clavicle could look more engaged in this placement. The twining of the arms leave the character lacking a personality to appeal to or feel towards. The head being bent down so far reduces the amount of squash and stretch from his hunched steps even further keeping him looking dead, which works for this cycle, however; his head is too active bobbing way more than the body would allow follow through to occur. The animation itself looks like it has a frozen frame of animation stopping the flow of his walk too abruptly. When Norman is walking there are overlapping actions happening but they do not all have the same or close to the same amount of energy being put forth. The unequal timing of the footsteps was a nice touch to give his walk personality. However the timing of his hips needs some work, they react too abruptly to his movements, which calls for more spacing in between frames or less broad range in its motion. Still a nice start into Model Animation.

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Maya Animations

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Production 1 – Post Production Principle Edits

This is the original premise ^

My re-purposed video ^

Field recorded sounds ^

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Production 1 – Self Portrait

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Maya Character Design Final Update

Fully Textured and rendered 3D model.

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Final Project – Self Portrait

The portrait is an expression of my characteristics, tired yet wanting to continue on and break through boundaries. Continue reading

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First Ever Wooden Marionette

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This marionette came from my love of the animal called the Red Panda. And since I was always a bit intrigued with fashion I made clothing that would somewhat resemble the animals characteristics and color scheme. I elongated  legs because in high school i remember seeing some clothe line design drawings and that all the models had longer than normal legs. In my pictures I tried to position my model so that it looked as though it were in a photo shoot, acting in a carefree manner and yet “sexy” way. Continue reading

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