Self Reflection

For this Self-Portrait I drew what was seen through a window at dusk. The light difference inside to outside allowed for a double vision of imagery to be displayed onto the glass panes of the window. In order to show that these are two separate yet  distinguishable images, I used hash shading going from upper right to lower left for me inside reflections and upper left to lower right for the outside. I was going for an effect that when both images collided a dark crosshatching would form but, I decided against that for majority of it because I didn’t want the details to be lost. Sadly while drawing this no people graced me with there presence by walking either behind me nor outside the window so no other human figures are present. The floating “arbitrary” forms that surround me are my main thought proccesses while creating this work. I was thinking about how little time I feel I have for how I work, always have some random song in my head; this time it was “I love Rock and Roll” by Joan Jett The Blackhearts, my dance routines because a big showcase is coming soon for us, and a different art piece represented by the eye as it’s a little off putting. The eye is not only placed onto my head for its symbolism of my project but of the fact that I’m optimistic and am looking up to see where I can eventually lead myself.

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Western Observatory

This project was to 3D model a section of a room based on a specific style and theme. The chosen theme for the class was observatory and the singled out style for me was western. This project required research of the style and color scheme which helps set a tone for the task at hand. Continue reading

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Why I consider myself as not an artist…yet.

Going into the field of art wasn’t an afterthought, i had loved drawing all my life and wished for it to be a career. However i  never took ownership on the fact that i was going into a field that does require research and that needs a high demand of passion. I had lots of sketches, but none of them were for practice. Something that is required is the ability to go  from working to learning and experimenting. That is a bridge i have not crossed and have only recently discovered. The mindset of an artist is to take in inspiration and be open minded to failure. I have been meticulous and detail oriented my entire life so far and that is a struggle for me as my mind hates to see unfinished or unrefined work. My “sketches” as i would label them now were never underdeveloped, they always went through the simple process of starting and becoming finishing works that i could feel comfortable with showing off. Learning for me was from the frustration of not creating a “finished” piece that was up to my standards which would make me then go and research and learn through viewing and not repetition. Something i don’t do enough of is do enough of my own work anymore. I lost some of the will to willfully draw on my own time and only take my talents to when i have to do projects for my college courses. I love the feedback i get whether it sounds like compliments of harsh criticism, but knowing that i don’t practice on my own makes me sometimes re-look at that composition and feeling it could’ve been better if i had practiced. The one thing i would say that makes an artist is that they not only jump on the instances of split second inspiration but also to take the time to practice the skills that will enhance the moments when inspiration strikes.

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Canon Project

This gallery contains 2 photos.

In my character design, I used even weight lines in order to show that he focuses on being very precise. Each line was made deliberately to represent the way he gets when inventing his own electronics or metal works. The … Continue reading

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Maya Western Observatory Modeling


This is a before textured image capture of what I have been working on as a project in one of my courses, and is the first time I have used this software this year and feel I can continue to grow from here.

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Character Development

Everyday has a new pitch to throw at people and they only get a few swings to hit the ball out the park. Meaning that each day has a new challenge ahead that adds to what pressures from society or individuals add to the weight of there problems. In this characters world, that is a literal translation. There are 6 tiers of society in this universe from very low standard to a persons maximum capability. Each individual is born starting at the lowest of standards no matter where he/she’s parents got to on their social status. From birth they are linked to a gauge that tells them how much “weight” they carry on their shoulders and in order to rise to the other parts of society, they need to lift the weight of low standard pressures off of them and so on for the other 5. No child is born knowing their parents, until they have reached the point at which they have cleared the same amount of accomplishments as their birth parents. That is the story behind my characters. Two friends are on search of their parents as they finally leave the ground level of society and have yet to receive a notification of who and where their parents are located.

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Origami Marionette

20170215_145756 20170215_14564120170225_120427

In my marionette in order to keep most of my paper pieces together string was added to them to ensure that the interlocking paper and normally folded pieces wouldn’t separate from the figure as motion and gestures where being done. Because the marionette was made from a fairly flimsy material it shows that there are even less limits to what can be done through the use of cheap dispensable materials and nothing too high grade. While composing my figure, I wanted certain elements to stand out more than others, so for the overall marionette I chose a neutral color so it could then be enhanced by contrasting primary colors of a cool blue and the warm red. Not at first completely understanding how I was to create a marionette out of paper forced me to learn the potential of the material I was to use to accomplish this project. After many cases of frustration and trial and error I had finally discovered how I was going to be able to create what I had in mind as a work of art. I learned that through combination of simple origami folds and other compete shapes, organic and non-organic figures could be possible. I tried my best to keep my marionette looking like a person, so what was important to me was that the forms from which I was making out of paper, needed to resemble human muscle and definition or how the clothes and hair would taper once they drape off their starting points. The marionette has mainly warm colors with a few cold. There are varied textures from the limps to head and body as well as the crinkles and waves from the clothing and hair. The origami pieces are all representational of the human figure in an abstracted way. Since this project was to be done using modular design, a repetition of shapes, patterns, or forms; during the process of making my piece, most of it required me to make the same segments of pieces to create a 3D shape like the cubes for the body of my Marionette. This process was also included in the use of my capping of limbs and the head, as well as the repetition for limbs using the technique of folding the the paper to represent muscle structure. Because of the style of paper and use of the technique modular design, my marionette has a sense of unity, proportion, and balance. Unity as the entire piece is made from paper and string. Proportion, because the length of the limbs compared to the torso are equivalent to the proportion of “standard” human anatomy. Lastly balance, because if not for the slight offset color tones of the arms to face to lower body, it wouldn’t give a feeling of dynamism that makes the marionette feel alive.

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