Fantasy House – Advanced Modeling, Texture, Lighting

The prompt to create this model was to design a 2 story fantasy house that was stumbled upon after walking through a dense of trees that came turned into an opening. The house then was to be made as if the woods were its main source of materials.

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Fantasy Landscape #2

brain-landscapeMy second fantasy landscape based off the idea of how to brain reacts under stressful situations. Some areas of the brain are kept nice and sturdily build, while other areas crumble and melt as you seem to forget what you should already know.

Fantasy Landscape #1


The fantasy landscape was created from the idea that I didn’t want to use real dirt or clumps of earth to create floating platforms in the sky. The two major platforms are created from a fallen tree to where you are able to see its roots. I wanted everything to be connected, so the creation of these lightning stair cases are what allows the flow from one area to the other. The mountain in the background has a staircase to a shrine for prayer. There is magic water at the bottom in the center; which through evaporation creates the light atmosphere for these masses of tree forms to float. Because I didn’t want the sky land to be un-accesable, there is a small area of rock that pillars down to “ground” with a staircase that leads all the way up.