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WebDesign – Yarn Store

This project was to code a single website and make fit the targeted audience and be scaled down from desktop to mobile size, create a logo, and use one of 5 randomly generated colors from: Random Hex Color Gen as … Continue reading

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Coded – Lorem Ipsum – Web Design

This is the final rendition of my prototype for the web page in Adobe XD. I learned how to create a navigation bar, create new states for buttons that when hovered over can alter or after clicking, the element then … Continue reading

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Stylized web page – Prototype

Web design – interactive design Prototype Using my own artworks as a base from a previous post, etc., I styled this new webpage so that it had its own feel to it. Following the roughness of my charcoal works, use … Continue reading

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Website – Seasonal Walk

SeasonsImageGal images may not load completely on first try – url provider runs slow

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Final Project – Self Portrait

The portrait is an expression of my characteristics, tired yet wanting to continue on and break through boundaries.

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Creation Myth Comic Strip

This comic panel deals with the creation story of the Tungusic tribe that resides in Northeast Asia/ Siberia region. They don’t have much in art but they do have clothing, so most of my artwork is based off old Asian … Continue reading

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Canon Project

This gallery contains 2 photos.

In my character design, I used even weight lines in order to show that he focuses on being very precise. Each line was made deliberately to represent the way he gets when inventing his own electronics or metal works. The … Continue reading

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