Attempt at Stop Motion


Theory of Abstraction

Abstraction of the act of replication of movement, rhythm, pattern or feelings. Each creation has its own flow where it may be disrupted very quickly but then returns to its roots. Abstract doesn’t mean real; it represents to unseen or unique capture of an image that otherwise would be clear at a quick glance. There can be representation of form where a female might be represented by curves or a male thats represented chilled and block like. Through abstraction there may not even be a need for shapes but straight color to represent feelings: red meaning anger, blue meaning sadness, light blue or white meaning peace or surrender; as all can fade to a black; neutral. A flash of color┬áto represent intensity, or a smooth transition of colors to represent a slow accumulation of whatever feeling may be going on. This doesn’t focus on the material world but of the energy we as people, nature, musical instruments, or even animals put fourth┬áby organic and inorganic materials interacting with another that we can get ideas from, because without interaction, no ideas would ever be spread around.