Motion Graphics – Audio Visualization

This assignment was an investigation into the integration of sound and motion¬† graphics. Establishing variations into how to conceptualize sound through color, basic shapes, texture, and motion. We had to create a visual interpretation of our selected sound piece using our own library of shapes, color systems, textures as well as motion and transitions. Continue reading “Motion Graphics – Audio Visualization”


ABC’s of Monsters – Info Graphic – Motion Graphics

This project was a partner assignment that required us to research a topic and create an info graphic from what we researched and what we wanted to say about it. For our topic we chose Monsters and we took inspiration from cartoons, mythologies, movies, and even some fan made lore. We were inspired to do the ABC’s of Monsters from the “ABC’s of Architecture” posted on Vimeo by fedepeye. Continue reading “ABC’s of Monsters – Info Graphic – Motion Graphics”

PandaBean Animation

This animation was done using Adobe Photoshop. While creating this animation, my main focus was to design a character that felt playful and clumsy by nature. What I felt would exemplify this was making sure the characters pose work was thought out.

Animation Principles Used:

While creating the animation I used pose-to-pose animation and keyframed the most important frames first, then went through and finalized all the in-betweens. As well as trying not to stage my character with complete profile or front on shots, unless it made sense for the motion of the character. Continue reading “PandaBean Animation”

Proboscis Monkey Orchid

For this assignment the required task was to create and animate a character that was a combination of two random draws from a bag and I got Proboscis Monkey and an Orchid flower.

I only went through a small sketching process because I was pleased with the combination and exaggeration I implemented when creating the design of my Monkey. In every image of a proboscis monkey they all had awkward noses, so I decided to make that a main feature for appeal of my character. Then I chose to not only make the color scheme fill my character but also made the petals and bulb of the flower his entire body chemistry and make-up. Continue reading “Proboscis Monkey Orchid”